Day 10: Invereal – River Dundonnell glen – Loch an Nid (as celebrated in Mornington Crescent)

14 miles – limpid sunshine, warm dry air

Joy in the Morning

After feeling so despondent the day before the warm, glorious sunshine, feeling almost Mediterranean lifted my spirits. It was a day of pure joy. There was a good track and I ended up well beyond my intended destination at Loch an Nid, alone by this beautiful, tranquil expanse of water.

The river which snakes up the glen towards Loch an Nid
Loch an Nid. Looking around, I could see how impossible it would be, even using trailing diagonals, to reach Mornington Crescent in less than three turns.
My pitch by a ruined cottage.

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  1. Guy Harbottle

    6 June 2022 at 22:25


  2. Peter

    9 June 2022 at 06:57

    Just realised that I haven’t yet posted a comment! These are the most fabulous shots so far. Nice to know that ‘joy in the morning’ can be achieved alone in the wilderness and without any obvious livestock nearby. I don’t remember that round of Mornington Crescent!


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