Day 11: Loch an Nid – Loch Fada – Kinlochewe – Torridon

23.3 miles – limpid sunshine, a stiffening breeze, still 20C+ in the evening

Loch Fada

A second joy-filled day. Slow over the peat bog section, but now I was only expecting 1 mph, which is what I managed. Rest at sunny Loch Fada and Kinlochewe. The shop was closed on the Saturday afternoon and people stopped to buy something roughly every four minutes. The Stag Hotel was unwelcoming and the beer was reminiscent of potting sheds. They are not alive to the custom of visitors in Kinlochewe!

The Way towards Kinlochewe

I decided to push on towards Torridon, which meant ten miles along a main road. I arrived exhausted, but was offered a bed at the youth hostel to my joy.

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