Day 12: Torridon – waist-deep, pathless heather – Torridon again – The A896 back towards Kinlochewe – Coulin

12.9 miles – hot sunshine

Some mountain slopes are snow-white, as the plants can’t get a hold, whilst others are green with grass

Frustrating start as the indistinct path I had intended to follow disappeared altogether into deep heather. At well under 1 mph, with a steep ascent and another 9 miles of the same ahead, I decided to cut my losses, retrace my steps to Torridon and the retrace most of my previous evening’s steps back towards Kinlochewe, before finally making some headway over the Cousin Estate.

Only there, amidst the indigenous Scotts pine and birch forrest did I find any delight – despite the pain due to my over-exertions the day before. My pitch was in a mossy birch glade, a burn babbling a few feet away, the pleasure only spoilt by the bloody midges, which forced me to wear my head net for the first time.

Loch Clair on the Cousin estate
The inexpressibly wonderful pine and birch forest.

Comments (2):

  1. Julia

    6 June 2022 at 18:52

    Oh dear! The dreaded midges, bad luck! Hope the wind gets up ….

  2. Guy Harbottle

    6 June 2022 at 22:31

    I’ve been following the weather up there and have been delighted that you have been in the best of it for the whole UK. It must be bewitching!


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