Day 26: Loch Lomond (opposite Island I Vow – Inversnaid – Rowardennan – Sallocy)

12.5 miles – sun and clouds, never too hot nor too cold, perfect walking weather

Morning at my beach

I spent the whole day winding south on the eastern shore of Loch lomond. Sometimes I was by the water’s edge, sometimes a little back from the shore, but always I was surrounded by ancient forrest – oak, alder and birch. Its tranquility softened my soul and I found peace; this was a happy day. Always slow going, I could not feel dispirited in this environment, and my ankle was on the mend.

The photos tell the story.

Wild goats watch me cynically
This alder tree just clings onto the bank
Sometimes the way is very narrow – I struggled to get through with my pack on.
Typical of the day – the way becomes a staircase of boulders.
Loch Lomond seen between two oak trees
Looking north near Rowardennan
Two ducks silhouetted against the loch towards evening
Tranquility in the evening. You, the reader, are spared the sound of the twazzock, zooming around in a speed boat, with three squealing minors in tow, in dinghies, on the end of long ropes.

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  1. Guy Harbottle

    26 June 2022 at 22:54

    Those ducks are goosanders. Seen any ospreys?


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