Day 32: Motherwell (almost) – Motherwell (itself) – Clydesdale – Lanark

20.1 miles – a wylie breeze, flitting clouds, dancing sunshine

The clyde near Motherwell. Note that it has washed away part of the path, but no one has thought to repair it.

It rained all night, but kindly stopped as I awoke; the clean-washed world sparkled in the sunshine.

I followed the Clyde Walkway all day, mostly with the bonnie Clyde to my right. Although my map showed that there was civilisation all around, I saw little of it; a couple of houses were the only representatives of the whole of Motherwell. Often the river was obscured behind sweeping woodland; at other times Bonnie Clyde and I went side-by-side, with cows and sheep looking askance at the lone walker.

Two worlds together: the rural and the marching reach of civilisation. And what are those things atop the skyscrapers? Visitors from outer space?
I thought it was a tree at first; then I realised of what it was a part.: Camps Viaduct near Motherwell.
These sycamore leaves are green above and purple below, so that when the wind catches them with the sunlight behind, they present themselves in this wonderful two-ton display of maroon and olive green.
The Mauldslie bridge and gatehouse. Was it inspired by fairy tales or did it inspire them?

The days before Glasgow had been exhausting after too few miles. Having sought advice, the answer came back clearly: Eat more, especially protein. And so i did. I love carbs and vegetables – baked potato and cabbage is my favorite – and I’m not used to having lots of eggs and meat; however, i consumed it out of desperation, and as I managed better yesterday and today, I think the advice may be sound.

As I left Lanark to find a camping pitch, I saw distant hills in the evening sunlight, and longed to be there. I shall soon.

Farewell to the bonnie Clyde, the old bridge at Lanark.

Comments (2):

  1. Cecy Kemp

    27 June 2022 at 04:54

    Your pictures are lovely Tobes.
    Another source of protein might be to carry some peanuts, cashew nuts or almonds or sunflower seeds to snack on while you walk. Chickpeas are also very high in protein if you want to reduce your meat/egg intake. X Cecy

  2. Peter

    1 July 2022 at 07:36

    Here here, Cecy. Some ‘trail mix’ in your pocket to snack on as you go might be the way forward.


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