Day 56: Burton-upon-Trent (rest day)

On which a young man from the hotel burst into my room without knocking with a package for me, and thus found me completely naked in an attempt to keep cool!

The River Trent in the heart of Burton
The Bass Tower, part of Burton’s brewing heritage – now a listed building.
Marmite is made in Burton and commemorated with this sculpture. Marmite is made from hopped yeast, a by-product of ale brewing, whilst the dreadful Vegimite, which Australians prefer, is made from unhopped brewing yeast – that’s why it’s so unpleasant!

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  1. Guy Harbottle

    20 July 2022 at 17:35

    Was the young man in question carrying a microscope about his person? If not, then you’re alright.


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