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The Hour of Expectancy

«Всё уж готово, час ожидания наступает,» as Figaro reflects in the Russian translation I had to get my head around:

Goblin Mischief

I’ve been having the jitters these last week couple of weeks. ‘It’s too far’; ‘I’m insufficiently prepared’; and most perplexingly,

An Absorbing Pastime

When I was a small child, I used to derive distinct pleasure by doing the various ‘puzzles’ with which publishers

The wealth and Feast of Spring

One thing I shared with my mother is an affinity with woodland and its flowers. Mum would come alive beneath

Sunshine in Dorset

How wonderful when things work out just right. I was lucky enough to be able to spend a couple of

More Anemones and an Awkward Tent

Wood Anemones Still Fabulous The anemones (see my post two weeks ago) are still sublime, and have become a sea

No Regrets

If anyone actually read my post last week, they would have seen that I rashly wished that I had started

Wood Anemones

For anyone unfamiliar with Guestling Woods (see this Google map), as well as being a stunning bluebell woods (for which


Walk from Cape Wrath to Hastings